Collagen for Winter Hangnail Protection - Custom Collagen


Collagen for Winter Hangnail Protection


Beauty Tonic collagen.

The cold-induced dryness of winter is only aggravated further by the constant ritual of putting on and taking off gloves or shoving your hands in your pockets to avoid the cold. When the already-dry and sensitive skin is caught, hangnails develop. And hangnails are no simple thing; they aren’t just unattractive. These wounds can be pretty painful, much worse than a papercut, and the added temptation to pick at them in an attempt to remove them only makes the situation worse. Picking at hangnails can lead to larger wounds and infections that can become serious and may damage the nail bed, leading to lasting negative effects for your nails.

Collagen Can Help

Help to protect your hands this winter with Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement containing the two types of collagen your body uses to support your skin and nails. Collagen helps your skin to retain moisture so that your hands won’t become dangerously dry. Because collagen is the protein your body uses to heal your skin, Beauty Tonic may also help your body to naturally heal wounds more quickly so that hangnails don’t hang around. With Beauty Tonic, your cuticles, nails, and hands can be stronger to stand up to winter damage.