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Great Brows with Collagen


Brow Trends

The last few years have seen a come-back for full brows. This full-brow trend seems to be a backlash to the nineties proclivity for pencil-thin, over-plucked brows. However, the most in-style brows aren’t bushy and natural by any means; the era seems to favor a sculpted, well-kept brow with a slight arch.  In fact, the market for brow products has absolutely exploded with powders, crayons, pencils, and even gels on every makeup-store shelf. People are spending more of their makeup routine on their brows than ever before!

Grow thicker, stronger brows

Unfortunately, many of us grew up in the ‘90s when tweezers were the only brow tool most of us had, and that period of plucking has left our brows much too thin to meet today’s beauty-community standards. Many brow products can help with this issue. Brow powder, or even a matte eye shadow in the right color, can help thicken the appearance of brows and fill in holes where we over-plucked. Brow pencils can also help us by shaping our brows. But how to we help our brows grow and thicken so that we can do less work to achieve today’s brow trends?

Collagen for Your Brows

Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen is great for your skin, nails, and hair. And, importantly for this topic, it isn’t only good for the hair on your scalp. As we age, our collagen production naturally slows down which means that our hair, skin, and nails suffer. Our skin loses its elasticity, our nails become more brittle, and the roots of our hair are weaker leading to less growth. Beauty Collagen for thick eyebrows can help hair grows longer, stronger, and faster! That means that it can help your body return your brows to their full glory. Just put down the tweezers, start a Beauty Tonic regimen (so easy considering you can just put it in your favorite drinks), and get those brows on fleek!