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Collagen for Natural Sleep

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Collagen's Role During Sleep

Sleep is something everyone wants more of. When we sleep, we are essentially recharging our body and giving it time to heal, improve, and strengthen different parts. Our skin also recharges, and eliminates built up toxins. If the body does not get enough sleep it cannot function properly, and telltale signs will begin to surface. Research from Alaskan Sleep Clinic states that, “Chronic stress harms the integrity of the collagen in skin. Collagen is an important ingredient in the elasticity and structure of the skin” (Michaud). When your body does not get enough sleep it puts an immense amount of stress on the body. This can throw off hormone levels, make skin dull or dry, and give those deep circles around the eyes. Collagen naturally combats this, and can make your body feel renewed with consistent use. Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein has 18 amino acids that work to restore your body while you are on the go, as well as when you sleep. Of all the amino acids, glycine is one of the best to improve multiple aspects of your life. It helps with neurotransmitters and is a naturopathic way to help the body get restful sleep. When you fall asleep, glycine helps you lower your core temperature to ensure that your body rests. Without glycine deep sleep would not be able to be attained. It also helps with stress levels, and reducing stress hormones. All of these things will help improve sleep quality but it is important to note that you must take Gym and Tonic consistently for maximum collagen results. Gym and Tonic is great for those who are active, and those who are also more sedentary. It is super easy to use, and add into any meal. You can take it at any time of day as well! Sleep is important, so try and assist your body today.