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Collagen for Cyclists

Man riding bike


While casual bike riding is a fun summer activity and an eco-friendly transportation option, biking for exercise can make for a challenging and effective workout regimen. Many cyclists bike several miles in a session and take it seriously from the bike they choose to their clothing. Cycling is a complex sport that burns major calories and can lead to strong legs and a leaner body but only if the cyclist cares for their body and gives it what it needs to make the most out of biking. Gym & Tonic Collagen is a great supplement option for cyclists.

Gym & Tonic is a collagen supplement that is high in protein. The protein gives the cyclist the fuel they need to bike long distances or at high intensities and Gym & Tonic can be a replacement for whey protein supplements that don’t agree with every individual’s body. But Gym & Tonic brings more to the table. The collagen in Gym & Tonic is the most important protein in the human body and it is what your body uses to support your joints. For cyclists, it’s key to have your joints in good working order and collagen can help.

But what about your muscles? Gym & Tonic contains 18 amino acids which are used by the body to repair, nourish, and build muscle mass. Without proper amino acids, if your body feels it is starving after a workout, it will pull from your muscles, negating some of the positive effects of your workout. With Gym & Tonic, your body has what it needs to build your muscles but also to repair them faster so that your recovery time is shorter. All in all, Gym & Tonic is the perfect supplement to help you get the most out of cycling.