Collagen for Beautiful Lashes - Custom Collagen


Collagen for Beautiful Lashes


Long eyelashes are officially on trend. Though we never thought we’d see the day, eyelash lifts and extensions have entered the mainstream beauty market and are a huge hit. Lash lifts help your lashes curl upward without needing a curling wand and lash extensions makes it look like you’re wearing falsies when you aren’t so we totally get why these beauty trends are so big! But are there more natural ways to get longer lashes? Yes! As usual, the answer is collagen!

We know by now that collagen does amazing things for the hair on your head. Because collagen is the major protein your body uses for hair health, collagen supplements like Beauty Tonic help your hair grow faster, longer, and stronger! With Beauty Tonic, even people who aren’t naturally gifted with long hair could get lustrous locks. The same goes with eyelashes.

Just like your hair, your body uses collagen to support eyelash growth.  That means that Beauty Tonic could help your body to grow longer, stronger lashes. Beauty Tonic contains the two collagen types your body uses most to support hair, skin, and nails so it is perfectly geared toward your beauty needs! Plus, it’s natural, non-GMO, and low in calories so you don’t have to worry about it throwing you off your diet or ideals.

Just mix one self-contained stick of Beauty Tonic into your morning coffee every day and, after a few weeks, you should see long beautiful eyelashes without having to spend a fortune on salon treatments that could potentially damage your natural lashes long-term. Having gorgeous natural lashes is so rewarding you might not even miss your falsies.