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Collagen and the Filter-Free Selfie


As of the writing of this article, a search for #selfie on Instagram produces over 300 million results. Let that number sink in; Instagram users have posted hundreds of millions of selfies and those results don’t even include the users who choose not to tag their photos.  In this social media and smart phone-driven culture, selfies are the way we show the world who we are. We constantly strive to capture the perfect image of ourselves that shows all of our best qualities and none of our flaws. From lighting and poses to editing software and filters, selfies are carefully-crafted images that can feel less-than authentic but we should strive for putting our true selves out there. If you want a filter-free flawless selfie, collagen is your answer.

Posting an unedited selfie is nerve-wracking because, as smart phone cameras improve, so does their ability to capture our flaws. If you suffer from acne or skin discoloration, selfies can be painful reminders of those frustrating circumstances. On top of that, as we age we encounter new problems like fine lines and wrinkles. These blemishes form because, starting around our mid-twenties, our bodies begin slowing their production of collagen, the all-important protein that keeps our skin taught and young.  Those fine lines around your eyes and mouth can make smiling for a selfie a lot less exciting.

While skin flaws can be disheartening and lower your self-confidence, they don’t have to be permanent. Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement specifically designed to protect and improve your hair, skin, and nails is a great way to regain your confidence. Beauty Tonic contains the two types of collagen your body specifically uses to strengthen and smooth your skin as well as your hair and nails. On a consistent Beauty Tonic regimen, you could see improvement to your skin quality including a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lessened discoloration, and even fewer breakouts. Your hair, also, could grow faster, longer, and stronger on Beauty Tonic for an overall more beautiful and confident you. With clear, wrinkle-free skin, there’s no need for fancy lighting or filters; every selfie will capture your natural beauty.