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Collagen and the Elderly

Many people think of collagen supplements only as a preventative measure for wrinkles or other cosmetic issues and, in that light, it may seem like collagen supplements stop being useful after a certain age. After all, most senior citizens aren’t thinking about reversing their wrinkles or having long nails. But Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen isn’t just about skin and nails and Tonic’s collagen supplements can benefit the older generation in several important ways.

Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen is an all-natural collagen protein supplement containing 18 amino acids. The body uses these proteins for nearly every healthy body function but there are a few that may be of significance for senior citizens. Traditional Tonic helps your body to support your joints, keeping them limber and even reducing the effects of arthritis. Painful or weak joints tend to be one of the most universal negative experience of aging, so any way to mitigate those issues is worthwhile. Senior citizens also tend to have issues with digestion, many developing conditions such as irritable bowel, but Traditional Tonic can help with that, too. The amino acids in Traditional Tonic can help heal leaky guts and keep your digestive system moving. Collagen can even help with brain function which is a principle concern in the later years of life.

With all of these benefits, Traditional Tonic just might be the perfect addition to a senior’s routine and there is no reason not to try it. Traditional Tonic is natural, sustainably-sourced, non-GMO, low in calories, and completely free of any chemicals or preservatives; it is very similar to consuming home-made bone broth and should have absolutely no unwanted side effects. Of course, we always recommend consulting a doctor before changes in diet or supplements, but our collagen is high-quality and completely safe for people of any age.