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Collagen and the Clean Beauty Movement


“Clean” is one of the major buzzwords of the moment. With clean eating already an established trend, other forms of ridding the body of toxins were bound to arise and the next major clean trend is the Clean Beauty Movement. Clean beauty follows the principle of only putting things on your skin that are safe to use. This movement arose out of the fact that so many beauty products contain questionable chemicals that could be damaging to your skin or your body; it’s often hard to tell what beauty products are actually made with and that can be scary when you are putting a product on your skin every day. If you’re wondering how collagen plays into the clean beauty movement, you’re in the right place.

Beauty Tonic collagen is actually the perfect addition to your beauty routine if you’re moving to clean beauty. This is because Tonic’s products clearly list their ingredients on the label and the only ingredient is collagen. Our collagen products contain no harmful chemicals or questionable additives and are made with sustainable, non GMO, pasture-raised collagen peptides. With quality ingredients and no secrets, Beauty Tonic fits perfectly into the clean beauty movement. Because of the amazing skin and hair benefits of Beauty Tonic, it may even help you cut back on some of your other products that don’t fit in to your new routine. Let collagen help you go clean!