Collagen and Runner’s Toe - Custom Collagen


Collagen and Runner’s Toe


Warm weather is back and, for many, that means getting back into running. While some people run outside in bad weather, most runners step off of the treadmill and get outside for runs much more frequently when spring and summer roll around. For dedicated runners, it’s the best time of year but it also means it’s the season of “runner’s toe.”

Runner’s toe is a common ailment in which runners form subungual hematomas at the beginning of running season. Subungual hematomas occur when blisters or blood forms beneath the toenail, disconnecting the nail from the nailbed and often causing the nail to fall off and re-grow. Runners are prone to subungual hematomas due to the pressure their shoes and the act of running puts on their toenails, hence the term “runner’s toe.” Some runners even lose their big toenails every year at the beginning of running season and it can be a real hassle to re-grow toenails because the nail bed is sensitive, making running uncomfortable.

Collagen supplements can help your body heal faster from subungual hematomas. Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen contains the collagen your body uses to grow your nails so it makes sense that it can help with this annoying running side-effect. With extra collagen from Traditional Tonic, your body can help your nails grow faster and stronger so that you spend less time growing your nails back each year.