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Collagen and Healthy, Beautiful, Natural Nails

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Collagen and Your Nails

Ever wonder why some people have amazing, long, and strong nails? They’re probably taking Beauty Collagen for nails! Nail growth and strength are great ways to tell if you are cultivating enough collagen production to maintain your body’s regular function. If your nails are weak, flimsy, chipping, or breaking easily during growth, you definitely aren’t producing enough collagen naturally.

In a woman’s mid-twenties collagen production diminishes naturally about 1% each year. While this may not seem like a lot at first, 1% adds up! By your thirties that 1% can add up to 5% and so on. That makes a huge difference in healthy, natural nails. A lot of women are able to supplement their natural collagen production by adding Beauty Collagen to their diet. Taking one stick of collagen per day can strengthen your nails. Your nail beds will respond and work extra hard on giving you beautiful nails that will last.

Acrylic nails and shellac (no-chip) nails are not only costly, but time consuming to maintain. They’re also hard to maintain when your nails are weak and not getting enough collagen. Even with acrylics if you notice breakage, or peeling with shellac, you can prevent this by just adding a bit of Beauty Collagen to your everyday diet. Don’t let your hard work, money, and time go to waste. If you prefer to go natural or paint your own nails and are embarrassed by your nails, don’t be!

By taking collagen regularly you can prevent all of the symptoms above and more. Collagen will help prevent breakage, chipping, peeling, thinness, and slow growth. Our Beauty Collagen will give you beautiful nails that not only look great, but last! It also supports hair growth, strengthening, and fullness along with other great dietary benefits. There really is no reason to not invest in your natural body, and it is never too late to add collagen to your diet!