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Collagen and Fermented Foods: Healthy Gut Super-Duo


A healthy gut is an important key to a healthy life. Your gut houses billions of bacteria that help to process foods, protect against infections in your digestive systems. But your gut’s bacteria may have a larger impact on your overall health than you realize. Research is beginning to show that the bacteria in your gut could affect stress, improve your overall immune system, and even protect against certain serious diseases. Getting better gut health is easier than you might think with two awesome diet additions: collagen and fermented foods.

Collagen, a major protein found in your body, has big benefits when it comes to your gut. The mucus lining of the intestinal wall is the barrier that regulates bacteria levels and keeps toxins at bay. When this lining is compromised, your digestive system is much more susceptible to negative effects of stress, poor eating habits, or bad bacteria. Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen, a safe and natural collagen supplement, can help your body to produce and protect your intestinal mucus lining. It can also supplement gastric juices to further control bacteria levels. With collagen, your gut has a much better chance of staying healthy and balanced.

Our other gut super-hero of the day is fermented foods. We’re talking things like naturally-fermented pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. The process of natural fermentation introduces probiotics into the foods that are being fermented and probiotics work wonders on your gut. Probiotics help with digestion and bacteria management in your gut so that you can stay healthy. Just remember that some store-bought pickles are fermented in vinegar and lack the probiotics that make fermented foods so gut-friendly. Look for labels that proclaim probiotics or you can try at-home natural fermentation if you’re adventurous!

Between a daily dose of Traditional Tonic mixed into your beverage of choice and adding some naturally fermented foods to your diet, your gut should be healthier and stronger in a few short weeks. You could see an improved immune system and a lot less tummy trouble. On top of the gut-healthy affects, a Tonic regimen will help your skin, joints, and hair for a truly whole-body improvement.