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Cold and Collagen for Under-Eye Puffiness


The under eye is one of the most common “problem areas” on the face. Even if the rest of your skin is flawless, a puffy or purple under-eye takes some serious makeup to hide. The problem with puffy or discolored under-eyes is how tired they can make someone look. Even after a proper night’s sleep and plenty of caffeine, under-eye problems can make you look like you hardly slept. The beauty store shelves are lined with products meant to combat these annoying issues but most of them are only minimally successful. There is, however, a simple combination that works wonders on under-eye bags: cold and collagen.

Beauty Collagen

Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement specifically designed to help your body support healthy and beautiful hair, nails, and skin. As we age, our bodies slow their natural production of collagen, one of the most important proteins for skin. When this happens, skin loses its elasticity and smoothness, forming wrinkles and leading to baggy under-eyes. By starting a Beauty Tonic regimen, you can replenish your body’s much-needed collagen supply. Beauty Tonic collagen can help to reduce wrinkles and fight under-eye bags. Collagen also works in the digestive system to fight inflammation throughout the body which can also help with morning under-eye puffiness. Simply mix Beauty Tonic into your favorite morning beverage.

Cold Temperatures

The other element of this combo is cold. Placing a cold compress or eye pad under your eyes can help to fight puffiness while collagen works its magic. Using a cold under-eye product in the morning for five to ten minutes allows the cold temperature to fight inflammation, bringing down swelling. Cold temperatures can also help to shrink blood vessels which are causing dark circles under the eye, working to lighten discoloration. Plus, a cold compress can have the added bonus of making you feel as awake as you’ll look. When you combine cold and collagen, your under eyes will look better than they have in a long time so that you can look and feel ready to start any day.