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Cognitive Function and Collagen

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Cognitive Function

Ever have one of those moments where you walk into a room and completely lose track of why you were there? How about when you have something really exciting to tell someone and then just completely draw a blank on what you were about to say? Or what about losing your keys even though they were just there? Two words, cognitive function. We often overlook the reason we can be so forgetful or spaced out at times. Sometimes our brain just has moments of temporary forgetfulness that can lead to a stressful situation such as locking keys in the car, forgetting to complete an important task, or just general temporary mindlessness.

Why does this happen? Our brains are stimulated in many ways. Good brain function is supported by a healthy diet, exercise, good sleep habits, and positive mental health patterns. If any of these routine functions are hindered or lacking, the brain sends you small signals such as forgetfulness. Not everyone can maintain a healthy diet, exercise, good sleep, and remain stress free all at all times. Life can catch us by surprise and lead us to make different judgement calls that affect our everyday lives. By now, you might be thinking about some small differences you can make to help your brain.

Collagen for Cognitive Function

The easiest way to supplement your brain is by taking collagen! This product works holistically to improve your body in many ways. Our Traditional Tonic supports the brain with amino acids that help with sleeping, mental health, digestive health, and gives you an extra boost for your body when exercising. When taken regularly collagen can restore and repair tired muscles, stimulate your brain, repair the gut, and also help improve cognitive function! So forget about being forgetful and start supplementing your brain today in a natural and easy way.