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Can I Take Collagen If I Am Pregnant?

Pregnant woman


Being a mom is tough, but sometimes being pregnant can be even tougher! Being pregnant takes an immense amount of strength, nutrients, and overall work from your body. You are creating a human being in your body and that is no small endeavor. There is no other time in life when it is more crucial to take care of your body on the inside and out. Your body needs to be in top form during pregnancy because it is not only your life that you are carrying inside you.

Pregnancy and Collagen

Pregnant women are expected to live out their normal lives up until the final stages of pregnancy. You still have to walk around, do chores, run a household, and sometimes work a full time job. This requires energy, strength, and mental fortitude. Traditional Tonic will help you in all aspects and is completely natural and safe to take to aid your body through your pregnancy. Of course, if at all hesitant, you should ask your doctor before beginning to take collagen. However, taking a pure collagen supplement is no different than consuming a few bowls of a home cooked bone broth. Through each stage of pregnancy you will have a range of challenges your body will adapt. It will stretch, grow, and accommodate for your child. This often causes stretch marks, aches and pains, and general discomfort. Collagen works as a preventative measure. It ensures that your skin is elastic enough to reduce stretch marks, repairs and relieves joint and muscle pain, and cleanses toxins from the inside of your body. Collagen is often recommended during pregnancy because it can prevent hair and nails from growing brittle, is known to prevent mood swings, increases concentration, and keeps natural body functions strong. Traditional Tonic will also help with extra energy. Research by Amy Myers MD has shown that collagen is safe to use during pregnancy. As always it is best to consult with your doctor about any supplements. Our collagen is sourced from natural, pasture raised bovine so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our products and can focus on living a healthy life for you and your child.