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Can Collagen help with Surgery Recovery?


Collagen is one of the main proteins used by your body. Not only does your body use collagen to maintain your skin, nails, and hair; your body also uses it to keep your joints limber and to keep your brain, hormones, and digestive system functioning healthily. When you have surgery, your entire body needs to be in good working order in order to make a quick recovery but there are ways to help your body heal more quickly. One way to help yourself recover is with Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen.

Collagen helps your body to heal in several ways. Collagen is a protein that contains 18 amino acids and protein happens to be one of the things your body needs most after surgery in order to heal wounds. With Traditional Tonic, your skin will be healthy and elastic so that it bounces back more quickly while the amino acids help to heal the wound. In addition, many people find that their digestive system slows down or becomes problematic after surgery. Luckily, Traditional Tonic’s amino acids also support your natural gut health so that your digestive system recovers, too.

If your surgery will cause lengthy periods of bed rest or inactivity, those amino acids will become even more important because the protein in collagen can give your body fuel and keep your muscles from weakening as you regain your strength. If you need to go through physical therapy after your surgery, the protein in collagen as well as its joint-protecting power will help you keep up and quickly rebuild your active life. Begin your Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen routine before your surgery to give your body its best chance at a fast recovery.