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Bold 2018 Summer Fashion Trends We Love

Summer fashion


The summer fashion season is officially upon us and that means it’s time not only to pull out our shorts and swimsuits but also to update our wardrobes with the best in Summer 2018 fashion trends. This year there are five major trends that have us crazy excited because they are fun, versatile, and can be achieved without busting your budget.

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Fruity Prints: This summer we’re seeing a huge emergence of bold and colorful fruit-print fabrics and it has to be my absolute favorite 2018 trend. We’re talking button up shirts covered in bright yellow lemons, cherry-print skirts, and watermelon earrings. You could conceivably cover yourself head-to-toe in vibrant fruit and why not? I don’t think it gets much more summery than this.

Matching Sets: With the death of the pantsuit (which is also seeing a bit of a renaissance) came the loss of matching sets in women’s clothing. Until this year, rompers and jumpsuits were as close as we came to bottom-and-top combos but that is officially over. Matching sets are back this summer and the most popular are skirt-and-top or short-and-top combos, almost always high-waisted, and most popularly boldly patterned. These are funky and easy-to-wear and, hey, bonus points if your matching set is in a fruity print!

Extra-Flowy Florals: While florals are almost always in fashion, this summer is leaning hard on the femininity of floral prints with super-flowy floral dresses just about everywhere on the runway. Maxi or calf-length dresses in breezy floral fabrics with some ruffling or gathering are all the rage this year. And when it comes to the type of floral print, reach for muted florals instead of bold tropical florals this year if you want to stay on-trend.

Semi-Sheer Fabrics: In past years, we have seen a lot of semi-sheer or sheer fabrics on black clothing or bold button-up tops but this summer our sheer-fabric tastes are changing. In line with the feminine floral trend, we are seeing a lot of soft and feminine sheer fabric. From flowy sheer dresses worn over simple slips to see-through lace tops, the sheer trend is definitely taking on a new attitude this year.