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Apple Cider Vinegar: Health Hoax or Hack?


Apple cider vinegar is a huge current health trend. It’s so popular that some celebrities even preach taking straight shots of it every morning. People swear apple cider vinegar does everything from helping with weight loss to curing sore throats and it’s hard to separate the hype from what real benefits there are. So before you add taking a shot of ACV to your morning routine, let’s talk about both the benefits and the dangers that come with it.

The main benefits of ACV appear to lie in weight loss and as a remedy for bug bites. Some studies suggest that adding ACV to your diet could result in losing slightly more weight than you would without it but the weight loss was pretty minor. We’re not talking about shedding pounds in mere weeks but why not boost your weight loss a little if it’s as easy as adding ACV to a smoothie. Still, be careful because ACV can be bad for you if you drink too much and diabetics should avoid adding too much of it to their diet as it could interact negatively with their medication.

When it comes to skin care, most experts suggest that ACV really shouldn’t come into contact too often with your skin so claims that it can ward off acne or clear dark marks might be true but the vinegar will also dry out or even burn your skin if you apply too much at too high a strength. Instead, ACV should only be used for skin to help with itchy bug bites and, rather than applying pure ACV to the bite, you should soak in a tub with a few cups of ACV mixed in.

Most other benefits people attribute to ACV are probably too good to be true and it’s important to remember that we’re talking about an acid here. Vinegar is acidic enough that if you drink too much of it you could harm your throat, teeth, and stomach and, as we already noted, it is a skin irritant. It’s good for you to get the vitamins and weight loss benefits from ACV if you’re adding it to a drink or recipe but avoid taking shots of the stuff no matter which celebrity is trying it this week.

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