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5 Staple Pieces to Simplify your Summer Wardrobe


I know summer is truly here when I swap my seasonal wardrobes; my heavy jackets and fleece leggings get put away and my swimsuits, shorts, and light-weight shirts come out to play! But sometimes my summer wardrobe can get a little out of hand. In the spirit of self-care and simplifying life, I’ve developed a list of summer wardrobe stables that will help us get back to basics. These basics are also keys if you’re packing for a summer trip! Get the most out of your summer wardrobe pieces by focusing on these five items. 

  1. A good pair of denim shorts- The main piece that I always pull out first when summer rolls around is my favorite pair of denim shorts. A trusty pair of shorts, generally non-embroidered, can get you through most of the summer because they go with anything! Find a pair that fit you well and won’t get baggy from lots of wear. I suggest a mid-dark wash in case you want to wear them with a blouse to a somewhat-classy gathering.
  2. A neutral-colored dress- dresses are always a good summer choice because they’re easy to wear and they’re lightweight. To cut down on your wardrobe, find a good neutral dress in a simple silhouette that goes with lots of different shoes and accessories. A gray skater dress, for example, can be dressed down with flip flops and minimal jewelry or dressed up with heels and a cute jacket for a night out.
  3. A cute one-piece suit- a one-piece bathing suit is surprisingly useful in the summer because it can be worn off the beach as well and one-pieces aren’t as boring or matronly as there once were. Trendy stores are full of super-cute one-piece suits you’ll be excited to wear. Buy one you like enough to use as a body suit. That way, you can wear the suit under a pair of shorts with a cardigan on non-beach days and no one will question it.
  4. A versatile cardigan- yes, it’s summer, but summer does come with some chilly days or nights. Because of this, a cardigan is always a good thing to have around. Choose one that you can use for a few days in a row without it getting too stretched and that will match multiple outfits. Gray or tan are usually good color choices depending on whether your wardrobe features more warm or cool tones.

A carry-all bag- this summer you’ll definitely need somewhere to carry your wallet, phone, sunscreen, and other essentials. You need a bag that is cute, easy to carry, and holds everything you need it to because you never know what summer adventures you’ll get into. I’m a fan of the mini-backpack trend because they’re so easy to carry but any bag will do! The benefit of a great bag is that you can slip a few packets of Beauty Tonic in so that you can get your collagen fix even when you’re on the go!