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5 Hacks for the Perfect Camping Trip


Summer and fall are perfect camping months! Camping can be a really fun way to spend a weekend away hiking, swimming, and enjoying nature. But we all know that there are parts of camping that aren’t so fun. Bugs, heat, and all the work that comes with camping can make you want to stay home instead. Don’t let winter come without you getting out there, though! Try these hacks to make your camping trip more enjoyable.


Burn Sage to Naturally Ward off Mosquitos: If you hate the smell of bug repellent and how sticky it can make you, try keeping mosquitos away from your campsite with sage or rosemary. Both of these herbs are said to keep biting bugs away so simply drop some into your campfire and let the smoke keep you from being bitten. Plus, your campsite will smell good!

Get Protein and Keep Skin Healthy with Beauty Tonic: Camping is no time to let your beauty routine go. You might be hot and sweaty and you might have a late night or two, all things that can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep it healthy with Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement that can help your skin stay taught, moisturized, and even acne-free if you’re going without makeup. The protein in Beauty Tonic can also help you get the most out of your camping activities like hiking or kayaking. Plus, Beauty Tonic is packaged in single-serve sticks which means it is easy to travel with and perfect for camping.

Keep Yourself Cool with Iced-Down Washcloths: If you find yourself heading on a camping trip on a hot weekend, you need to find ways to keep yourself cool. One great way to do that is with damp washcloths in your cooler. Get a couple of washcloths wet and seal them into an air-tight bag. Then simply pack them in your cooler with everything else. If you start to get overheated, pull one of the washcloths out and lay it across your forehead or the back of your neck; it will be ice cold and refreshing. Once you’re cooled off, put the washcloth back into the cooler so that you can use it again later.

Bring some Prepped Foil-Packs for Dinner: Camping dinners don’t have to be hotdogs cooked on sticks (though, let’s be real, camping hot dogs are delish). If you’re looking for a better dinner camping, prep some foil backs before you leave on your trip. Pack some shrimp, red-skinned potatoes, asparagus, garlic, and lemon in a foil pouch and then cook it on a grate over the fire for delicious shrimp scampi.

Battery-Operated String Lights will Light your Tent in Style: Lighting your campsite and tent doesn’t have to mean bringing a boring lantern anymore. Cheap, battery-powered string and fairy lights are available at any superstore. Bring them along on your camping trip and you can use alligator clips to hang them in your tent and give yourself some truly dreamy lighting.