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Why Collagen is Important in Summertime

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Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body. In fact, when the body begins to slow its natural production of collagen, things begin to fall apart; wrinkles and fine lines form, hair becomes dull and brittle, and joint pain increases. Because of the importance of collagen, it’s safe to say that a collagen supplement regimen is a good idea year-round. That being said, collagen is particularly important in the summer.

The main problem with summer is that sun exposure increases skin damage. While the sun does lots of important things for our bodies and minds, it also wreaks havoc on our skin. Even with sun protection, prolonged exposure to summer rays can lead to more wrinkles and increased skin discoloration. Without protection, these issues can lead to serious damage. Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen is one way to protect your skin (while also using strong sunscreen). Our Beauty Collagen can reverse and help prevent the formation of wrinkles as well as decrease the appearance of discoloration. 

With that, we get dehydrated quicker in the summer sun which impacts all areas of our bodies. Staying hydrated is obviously important here, but collagen is proven to improve skin elasticity and hydration when ingested consistently.  This is what improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

The sun can harm more than just your skin; it can also be damaging to hair. Unprotected sun exposure can lead to dried-out, brittle, and even thinning hair. Though we might like the idea of some natural sun-enhanced highlights, we certainly don’t want to end summer with dry, damaged hair. Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen nourishes hair just like it nourishes our skin. On a consistent regimen, collagen can help our hair grow faster, stronger, and longer. It can also help your hair to retain moisture, preventing the sun from over-drying your locks. With Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen, you can wrap up summer without worrying so much about your hair and skin.