The Bare Face Movement and Embracing Yours - Custom Collagen


The Bare Face Movement and Embracing Yours

The time has officially come to celebrate our makeup-free faces. Although makeup is a huge part of our culture, women have begun ditching makeup and promoting the trend with hashtags like #bareface and #nomakeup. The bare-faced movement has gained support from celebrities and public figures who are telling us all to get more comfortable in our own skin without the benefit of cosmetics.  The idea is not to throw away your makeup permanently but rather to spend a little more time feeling good without it on.

Loving your bare face is a great concept and a good message but going makeup-free can be genuinely scary! From wrinkles to acne marks to discoloration, we all have flaws that we might prefer to hide. But if we all have flaws, there’s nothing wrong with showing them off and being kinder to ourselves and each other. Still, revealing your bare skin would be a lot easier if you could improve your flaws without makeup. There are a few things you can do to feel more confident with or without makeup:


  1. Beauty Tonic should be your first step if you want more naturally beautiful skin. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement which contains the two types of collagen your body uses to heal, regenerate, and regrow your skin. Our bodies slow their production of collagen in our mid-twenties resulting in more fine lines and wrinkles as well as discoloration. By giving your body the extra collagen it needs, Beauty Tonic can help reverse those signs of aging. It can also help your body cope with stress hormones that cause acne and improve your skin’s moisture retention. With Beauty Tonic, your skin can be youthful and beautiful.
  2. One of the easiest way to put life into your skin is to make sure it isn’t dry. To make your skin glowy and fresh without makeup, moisturize! Invest in a good facial moisturizer that will keep your skin from drying out but also look for one that contains vitamin C which can help with skin issues from dark spots to acne. Moisturized, healthy skin is much easier to show off than dry, dull skin.
  3. We all dread hearing “you look tired” when we go without makeup for a day. Avoid those comments by making yourself look awake and alert with easy hacks. If you struggle with under-eye circles or bags, ice them lightly in the morning to tighten the skin and bring down some discoloration. You can also tighten your skin slightly with a pore-reducing makeup primer without putting makeup on over top.