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How to Deep-Clean your Makeup Brushes


Makeup brushes are a miraculous tool that make applying makeup easier and more flawless than ever before. More effective and environmentally friendly than disposable sponge-tip applicators, makeup brushes are more versatile and reusable than older tools. However, if you don’t clean your makeup brushes well and often, they can become hotbeds of bacteria which can lead to rashes, infections, and acne.

Most people use their makeup brushes every day but, luckily, it isn’t necessary to clean them every time you use them. A safe bet to make sure your brushes are clean and keep your skin and eyes protected is to wash your makeup brushes once a week. Weekly cleanings will prevent product and bacteria from building up on your bristles and might even help your brushes last longer.

The “how to” of cleaning your makeup brushes is, thankfully, surprisingly easy; all you need is some gentle soap, lukewarm water, and a towel. When you’re choosing what soap to use, the main thing is to buy gentle soap because harsh soaps can damage the bristles of your brush. Baby soap can be the perfect choice. Once you have your soap, towel, and water, you’re ready to start!

To begin, gently rinse your brush in lukewarm water. Then apply a small amount of soap to the palm of your hand and gently lather the brush into the soap by rubbing the bristles against the palm of your hand (don’t scrub them too hard). After they’re soaped up, rinse them off and softly re-form the bristles. The last step is to rest your brushes on a counter with the bristle-end hanging off of the edge so that the bristles can dry completely. Avoid leaving your brushes to dry on a towel as it will take longer and mildew could form.

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