DIY Moisturizing Lip Scrub - Custom Collagen


DIY Moisturizing Lip Scrub



It’s winter and that means, for those of us crazy enough to live in cold climates, it’s dry skin season. Winter, for many of us, means dry cheeks, elbows, hands, and lips. If winter causes you to reach into your bag for lip balm over and over again all day, you probably need a better solution for your dry, chapped winter lips.

One of the best and most effective solutions is a Beauty Tonic regimen. Beauty Tonic collagen powder contains collagen types I and III, the types your body uses most to nourish your skin, nails, and hair, but it does more than just prevent wrinkles. Collagen helps your skin stay healthy and retain its moisture, becoming more resistant to chapping and flaking. By sticking to a consistent Beauty Tonic regimen, your body will have the collagen it needs to ward off winter air.

Still, it will take a few weeks before you begin seeing your results from Beauty Tonic and that means you need something to hold you over. This DIY lip scrub is the perfect remedy to get you by. With sugar and coconut oil, this scrub will gently rub away flaky lip skin and add much-needed moisture back in at the same time. Plus, you can scent this scrub with a little vanilla extract to make it even more luxurious. You’ll have smooth, beautiful lips in no time.



2 Tbsp. sugar

1 Tbsp. coconut oil

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix until it becomes a consistent scrub
  2. Store in a small tin and use when needed