Cranberry Basil Collagen “Mocktail” - Custom Collagen


Cranberry Basil Collagen “Mocktail”

Fresh cranberries for Cranberry Basil Collagen “Mocktail”


Summer is the perfect season for cocktails by the pool but alcohol can really put a damper on your summer style. Too much alcohol can cause bloating, weight gain, and even make your skin duller. So, for the days that you still want a refreshing drink but don’t want alcohol, a mocktail is the perfect substitute. Mocktails have all of the fun, delicious flavors of cocktails without the alcohol and this recipe is for one of my favorites. This cranberry basil combo might sound strange but it is super summery and delicious, trust me.

This drink is perfect for a day by the pool and it is also a great summer vehicle for your daily collagen fix. Mixing Beauty Tonic into this mocktail has the opposite effects from a real cocktail; Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that makes your skin look fresher, younger, and more moisturized. Giving your body a collagen boost could even help your skin heal faster from a sunburn. What more could you want from a summer drink than freshness, a little sweetness, and beautiful skin?


1/4 cup cranberry juice

1/2 cup lime-flavored sparking water

1 Tbsp. fresh lime juice

2 fresh basil leaves

1 packet Beauty Tonic


  1. Place lime juice and basil into your glass and muddle slightly
  2. Add cranberry juice and then pour in the sparking water
  3. Stir in your Beauty Tonic and enjoy!