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Why you need to Grow Micro-greens Today

Micro-greens are taking the nutrition world by storm and you need to know about it. Micro-greens are tiny vegetable sprouts that are harvested when the plant is only about 2-inches tall. Micro-greens are grown from many vegetables and other leafy plants including mustard greens, celery, watercress, and basil. Because they come from so many different plants, these tiny greens can offer a variety of colors and flavors that are a great addition to sandwiches, salads, and many other healthy dishes.

On top of being flavorful, microgreens are super healthy. Nutritional research has shown that these baby plants can actually have more vitamins and nutrients than their adult siblings. That means you get a lot more bang for your bite; by mixing some microgreens into your salad or using them to top off your chicken sandwich, you will be eating healthier and smarter.

The other huge benefit of microgreens is that they are easy to grow in your kitchen! To grow microgreens, fill a shallow tray with an inch of soil and plant seeds of a few different varieties. Good options, other than the ones we already listed, are chia, spinach, and radishes. Make sure your tray is getting plenty of light and a misting of water each day.  It should only take a few weeks for your greens to be two inches tall and ready to harvest. Just snip them off and mix them into your salad.

Just remember that there are some things your body can’t get from micro-greens. Keep up on your protein and collagen intake by sticking to a Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen regimen. Traditional Tonic will give your body the collagen it needs to support healthy skin, joints, and digestion.