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The Ultimate Health Duo: Collagen & Fiber


When it comes to health and nutrition, there are hundreds of elements that the body needs and it can be hard to keep track it all! Should we be focusing more on vitamins or minerals? Which ones are best for each of us individually? Luckily, there are some health duos that work perfectly together for nearly everyone. Today we highlight one of these valuable duos: collagen and fiber. 

It’s worth mentioning that collagen pairs perfectly with many other supplements and nutrition components because of its wide-ranging benefits and lack of negative interactions. Pairing a collagen supplement like our Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen with fiber, like our brand new Prebiotic Powder “That Good Sh*t,” allows you to really maximize some highly sought-after benefits. 

The most obvious benefit from a collagen and fiber combination is a healthier gut. Our Nourishing Collagen helps protect your digestive system by defending your intestinal lining. This keeps toxins from moving through the body and can improve digestion and decrease inflammation throughout your system. That Good Sh*t Prebiotic Powder (made up of fiber) also helps to prevent intestinal inflammation, reducing the risk of diverticular disease. With that, the probiotics naturally present in our gut need prebiotic fiber as fuel! Taking a prebiotic fiber is a great way to naturally boost the good bacteria present in our gut microbiome.  Not to mention, eating non-soluble fiber can help to prevent constipation, one of the most common digestive troubles. We call it “That Good Sh*t” for a reason!

Perhaps the biggest reason to pair collagen & fiber is for immune health. Did you know over 70% of the cells that make up our immune system live in our digestive tract?! One of our favorite sayings here is that a healthy outside starts on the inside, and this is precisely why. A more balanced gut and internal environment will naturally boost immune function and overall well-being.

Speaking of a healthy inside for a healthier outside, do you struggle with breakouts? Collagen and fiber together can help you achieve youthful, glowing skin! Collagen is the main protein your body needs to support beautiful, smooth skin and, because fiber helps keep you regular, it can help to prevent certain toxins from sticking around in the body, which in turn prevents some breakouts! Try our Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen with That Good Sh*t Prebiotic Powder for the ultimate glow up!

Last but not least, fiber and collagen together can also help us reach our health goals. Collagen is a protein, and fiber controls the body’s use of sugar. The 20g of protein in our Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein and the 9g of dietary fiber in That Good Sh*t are the perfect combination to help cut down on cravings and hunger between meals. Feeling less hungry can lead to better nutritional choices and make it easier to manage our health goals.

Hesitant to try a collagen or prebiotic powder? Good news! All of ours are unflavored and highly soluble! Just toss them in your morning coffee or other preferred beverage, and you won’t even know they’re in there! Plus, we always offer free shipping (within the continental US) and free returns (although we’re confident you’ll love it)!