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Wardrobe Swaps to get you Fall-Fashion Ready

Indecisive weather can make transitioning between seasonal wardrobes a difficult task. September and October can be particularly difficult months as fall’s chilly days fight to take over from summer’s warmth. During this transition, one day might be hot and humid while the next is windy and cool. How are you supposed to know when to put away your shorts and pull out your sweaters? If you’re ready for fall but don’t want to overheat in the remaining days of summer, follow these three wardrobe-swap tips to be prepared for any weather situation.

Trade Shorts for Tights: If you’re still hanging onto your shorts in anticipation of some unseasonably warm days, it’s okay to let go. Skirts and dresses will keep you just as cool in the heat without being completely useless on colder days. While you’re packing away your shorts, pull out your tights to make your skirts and dresses useful well into winter. You get bonus points if you have some fleece-lined tights to keep you extra-warm.

Cardigans rather than Sweaters: If you’re not ready to fully transition to your winter wardrobe, we suggest keeping your bulky sweaters packed away for now. You can still wear most of your summer tops if you pull out your cardigans and a light jacket or two. Cardigans are some of the most useful pieces of any wardrobe as they instantly insulate any outfit against cooler weather. In fact, having a few neutral cardigans can make your whole wardrobe less weather-dependent so that you can use the same pieces all year.

Swap Flops for Booties: Although there might be a few warm days left, it is probably time to say goodbye to your flip flops. Though we all know someone who wears their flops way past fall, there is no need to keep them out that long. This is the perfect time of year for close-toed flats and boots; a set of comfortable and cute ankle boots will make your outfits fashion forward and keep your feet warm until the inevitable snow comes along.