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The Bacon Generation: Why we Love Bacon

On breakfast plates, on top of donuts, wrapped around steaks, and even dipped in chocolate, bacon is officially everywhere. Bacon is a food and internet sensation and this generation just can’t get enough. But what is the deal with bacon? Sure, it’s tasty but is it really worth all of this fuss? Let’s take a look at what makes bacon so great and whether or not we should be indulging in this bacon craze.

The taste of bacon is obviously a big draw. We know that it tastes good but apparently there is a scientific reason for that. According to the Smithsonian, bacon has more umami flavor than most other foods. Umami is the savory flavor in our palates and it can be extremely appealing to the human brain. But the flavor can’t be the only draw.

According to Time, recent years have seen a rise of appreciation for tasty foods with more foodies popping up and more people getting into being chefs than ever before. Bacon rose in popularity during this time because is an easy food to make and incorporate into creative dishes. But, of course, the explanation for how we went from making bacon a universal menu staple to having bacon-flavored mints, lip balm, and candles is harder to explain. Sometimes popular culture gets ahold of something and just doesn’t let go.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to bacon when it comes to health. Bacon is a good source of protein but it’s also very salty and fatty which can boost bad cholesterol and cause weight gain and, in serious cases, increase the risk of heart disease. Truth be told, we definitely shouldn’t be eating as much bacon as we do and maybe that’s why it’s so popular; things we shouldn’t have are always appealing.

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Although the trend has been around longer than most fads, there aren’t many signs that bacon will soon become less popular. It may be that the bacon craze will be around for generations to come. So enjoy this crispy, savory food fad but remember that moderation is key.