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3 Tips For a More Enjoyable Flight


Here at Tonic Products we love to travel! From gaining new experiences to meeting new people, travel leads to some of the best memories that leave us with major lingering wanderlust. But the “getting there” can be a less-than-wonderful experience.

Flying (especially without splurging for a ticket upgrade) has downsides that can make travel a lot less appealing. Cramped seats in close quarters with less than hygienic strangers aren’t exactly our idea of a good time. But, with the right outlook and a little prep, flying doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Here are our favorite tips for achieving a low-stress flight:

  1. Keep Yourself Zen: We know this sounds cheesy, but a flight can only truly be stress-free if you’re committed to having a positive outlook. Our advice is to go in prepared to be patient and let the little stuff just roll off your shoulders. After all, a child kicking the back of your seat now and then definitely has the potential to set our nerves on edge, but it isn’t the end of the world. Keep your spirits up with your favorite feel-good music and utilize your in-flight time to plan out all of the “must-see’s, do’s, and eat’s” at your destination!
  2. Stay Entertained: The biggest mistake on any flight is running out of entertainment! Unless you’re on a decently long or overseas flight, you might not have access to in-flight entertainment so make sure you have your own. Through various subscription services or memberships, you might have access to download movies, TV Shows, e-books, or audio books to your phone (or another device) so that you can still watch them when you’re in airplane mode. Go for options that will keep you distracted enough to help the flight fly by (pun definitely intended), make sure to have a variety of options, and definitely bring or download more than you think you’ll need! You never know what type of delays you may run into and you definitely don’t want to use up all of your options before you even leave the ground!
  3. Put the “leisure” in athleisure: With how very uncomfortable airplane seats can be, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops to be as comfortable as possible! Earplugs, neck pillows, and even eye masks can all help block out the world and increase your ability to relax, but what you wear can be even more important. We suggest wearing (publicly-acceptable) loungewear or athleisure. Non-restrictive clothing and sweaters/jackets/scarves that can double as a blanket are our go-to’s!

If collagen is already part of your diet, we’d add #4 - Bring your collagen! Collagen (no matter the type) works best when taken consistently and even helps keep our body at homeostasis! Travel can really mess with many different systems of the body, so collagen can be extra useful when you’re on-the-go. So next time you pack a suitcase, don’t forget to throw in a few single serving packets of your favorite Tonic Products Collagen.