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Hey, I’m Taylor! My Tonic Products collection was born out of my enthusiasm for natural, holistic health and wellness. After working in and studying the natural product industry, I noticed a gap for female friendly products that I could identify with and whose benefits aligned with my lifestyle. I’ve certainly taken some notes from my father who has been in the collagen business for over 45 years, but I had to spice it up a little and put my own spin on things. After having children, my desire for a clean, balanced diet grew since moms don’t have time to be sick! I was hungry for collagen products that were designed for specific benefits like beauty, digestion, and muscle building. As a wife, mother, and working professional, I understand the challenges associated with natural, balanced living. My goal is to help others like me who are looking for support in their anti-aging, hydration, and overall wellness journey with products that are both easy to use and understand. I started with pure collagen products and am working on expanding our product offerings to include a wider range of advantages, like stress relief, and diets, such as vegan. I’d love to hear about the products and goals that are important to you! 


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