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Three Simple Hacks for Hosting the Holidays


Holidays can be amazing times to share with family and friends but if the role of host falls on your shoulders, the holidays can get a whole lot more stressful. Hosting is always a lot of responsibility but being the go-to house during a big celebration means it’s up to you to make sure everyone has a great time. If you’re hosting this holiday season and you want to up your host-game without breaking the bank or going a little nutty, try out our list of 5 holiday hosting hacks!

  1. Don’t Ignore the Dollar Store: Making sure you have enough plates, cups, silverware, and serving dishes for your holiday gathering can be a bit of a headache. On top of that, decorating for the holidays can get expensive. That’s where a dollar store can come in handy. Ceramic plates, real wine glasses, and holiday décor is all available for just a dollar a piece at some discount stores. You can even find themed china if you really want to go all-out. By shopping cheap, you can end up with a great-looking party without breaking the bank.
  2. Avoid Time-Intensive Themed Foods: The internet cooking video trend has given rise to lots of themed food ideas. From strawberries made into Santa hats to sliders made into reindeer, there are tons of supposedly-adorable appetizers, desserts, and drinks. The problem with these cute ideas is that they are time consuming to make. Don’t drive yourself crazy putting broken pretzels in slider buns; if you make sliders that taste amazing, no one will care that they don’t look like reindeer.
  3. Keep Activities on Hand: Activities and games might seem a little silly but most of us remember a time that we had a blast playing a game at a party. You don’t have to fill the whole night with activities, games, and crafts but it’s good to keep a few games on hand in case there is a lull in conversation or the night starts to droop early on. Activities don’t have to be complicated, either; something as simple as a goofy game of holiday-themed trivia can add some laughter to the night.