Three Bold Fall and Winter Lip Colors - Custom Collagen


Three Bold Fall and Winter Lip Colors

Though the nude lip has been ultra-trendy for a while now, subtle lip colors can get stale. This year, we’re officially seeing some bold colors taking over the lipstick scene. A new lip color can feel like a big risk but fall and winter are the perfect seasons to try something new. Bold lips pair well with layered outfits and cozy accessories. With a fall or winter outfit, a brave lip color won’t stand out or look mismatched giving you the freedom to try some of this year’s best new hues.

  1. Warm Gray: Starting with a bit of a safer new hue, warm gray lipsticks are perfect for colder months. Though gray might sound like a strange color for lips, a warm shade can look ultra-chic with any outfit. This shade is nude-adjacent but just different enough to add interest to your makeup look rather than blending in. If you’re mostly a nude-shade person, a warm gray lip could be the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone.
  2. Plum: If you want to go for a darker, richer shade, reach for a plum. Somewhere between a dark mauve and a maroon, plum lipsticks are the perfect dark mix of purple and red. This shade looks gorgeous with the fall browns, oranges, and yellows but also transitions perfectly into the grays, blacks, and navy blues of winter. A plum lipstick will make your lips the centerpiece of your look and make you seem confident and fashionable.
  3. Orange: Orange lipstick is growing in popularity and we are loving the idea of making it a fall and winter trend. While orange-tinged pink and red lipsticks have always been popular, this time we’re talking about full-out, true orange. While this kind of orange is a definite brave lip choice, it looks surprisingly great with just about any outfit type. We suggest trying a matte-finish orange lip to achieve a marvelous mod vibe rather than a tween-like look.