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Gluten-Free Diets and Collagen

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Celiac Disease and the gluten free lifestyle is a hot topic in the health and fitness community. Celiac Disease is a hypersensitivity to gluten, meaning that people with Celiac cannot consume anything that contains gluten. Sufferers must go gluten free to avoid the damage the substance causes to their intestines, not to mention a myriad of unpleasant symptoms. However, some people can be sensitive to gluten without having Celiac, so those people might also choose to go gluten free to alleviate their negative reactions. But giving up gluten can be a difficult task! Gluten is in everything from your favorite cereal to the soy sauce you put on your takeout to the toothpaste in your medicine cabinet.

Gluten Free Options

Thankfully, supermarkets and even restaurants are offering more gluten-free options than ever before. The shelves are lined with gluten free pasta, baked goods, and even beer. Still, avoiding gluten can be a serious struggle; with some vitamin and mineral supplements and many nutritious foods containing gluten, maintaining a healthy body is much more of a challenge. So what about collagen? Can you reap the benefits of Tonic’s collagen products without aggravating your gluten sensitivity?

Collagen is gluten free

Yes! Tonic’s collagen is completely gluten free, so you can absolutely take advantage of our full range of collagen products. Collagen naturally contains amino acids that can help keep your body, skin, nails, and hair healthy and strong without worrying about gluten. Without gluten, Tonic’s collagen products can help you get your protein and stay healthy just by mixing it into your favorite drink or incorporating it into any gluten-free recipe with liquid. Remember, our collagen works best with a consistent regimen.