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The Rise of the Zodiac Obsession


It’s no secret that the zodiac is “in.” Astrology is a major piece of today’s popular culture and the zodiac is showing up in clothing designs, makeup marketing, memes, and more. But the zodiac is certainly not new with astrology stretching all the way back to Babylonian culture over a thousand years ago.  How did this ancient system become a trendy millennial fad?

This is certainly not the first time we’ve been obsessed with astrology. In the 70s, the zodiac was so popular that one of the main trendy phrases that identifies the decade is “what’s your sign?” But the zodiac obsession goes deeper than before with participants getting into planet positioning and in-depth astrological birth charts rather than just the superficial characteristics of each star sign. One explanation for this new fad is, of course, the appeal of the mystical and vintage notions all rolled into one. But is this craze about more than a nostalgia for a 70s trend?

The draw of in-depth astrology is that it gives us a new way to understand, categorize, and interpret human life. From your personality to the way you interact with others to your shifts in mood and inner contentment, astrology offers those who buy in a way of explaining some of the more inexplicable parts of life. In this way, astrology and the zodiac can serve as a coping mechanism for a generation that sometimes might feel adrift in a sea of politics, technology, and ever-changing expectations. There's something a little comforting about the idea that an explanation for how discontented you feel about your job or your relationship could be found in the stars.

There is also an element to astrology of giving yourself permission to accept your own quirks. It might be easier to accept your own penchant for erratic behavior if you can shrug and say "hey, I'm an Aries, what did you expect?" Though it is definitely not a science, astrology provides not only excellent internet content but also a way for us to understand ourselves and each other just a little bit better. With the rise of self-care and self-acceptance movements, it’s really no surprise that astrology has found its place in our current moment.