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Kohlrabi: The Heart Healthy Veggie You’ve Never Met

When I think about what summer veggies I look forward to the most, I often think of one that most people have never heard of. Kohlrabi is a round vegetable, a cousin of cabbage and brussel sprouts, that grows in late summer and early fall. Kohlrabi tastes a bit like a sweet, mild radish and is hardy, versatile, and delicious. We will admit that kohlrabi looks a little funny at first but we promise that, if you’ve never heard of this summer treat, you’re in for, well, a treat! I believe that everyone should try new foods as often as they can and kohlrabi is my vote for your next food adventure.

Kohlrabi is, first of all, an extremely healthy addition to your diet. Low in calories, free of fats, and high in vitamin C, this veggie is a heart-healthy powerhouse! If you’re looking for a more savory way to get more vitamin C into your diet, kohlrabi might just be the veggie for you. Plus, once the skin is removed, kohlrabi has the texture of a firm apple so it is not fibrous or stringy like celery and other veggies can be. Plus, if you like radishes but you’re not a fan of how biting or bitter they can be, you will definitely love kohlrabi. It has a sweeter and milder profile that will still be familiar.

If you’re wondering what to actually do with kohlrabi, there are a lot of options available. Honestly, my favorite way to enjoy kohlrabi is to peel it, slice it, sprinkle on some salt, and eat it raw. The salt brings out the slight bite and the sweetness in this veggie and it makes for a tasty and refreshing snack. If you want to try it another way, you can peel it, cube it, and roast it in garlic and olive oil for a rich and unique side dish. Kohlrabi goes great in soups, roasts, and salads so there is a never-ending list of ways to try it out.

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