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Kicking the Quarantine Blues


After a long winter, something about the beginning of spring makes us want to freshen up shop. We clean out our closets and bathrooms, give our space a good once over, and open the curtains to let in a little much-needed light. Many are cleaning out more than ever this year as we’re confined to our homes. This process of spring cleaning is therapeutic; it makes us feel like our space is as new as the spring season and full of promise. But spring cleaning shouldn’t only apply to our homes. This spring, let’s do a little cleaning-out of our habits and kick these quarantine blues to the curb.

Life is weird right now and it’s easy to fall into some negative routines. Let’s utilize the nicer weather for it’s motivating properties to welcome spring with a healthier you. The quarantine has allowed many of us to develop some less-than-wonderful habits. We stay inside, eat less nutritious food, and just aren’t able to try a lot of new things.

First, let’s banish our winter habits by getting outside. Some of the things we lack most in winter are time outdoors, fresh air, and sunshine. An indoor lifestyle can lead to lowered mood and a lack of motivation, and spring is definitely the best time to shake off those emotions. When a warm-enough day comes around, get outside. Take a walk, eat a meal outside, or just sit on your front steps with a book or journal. Get some sunshine and some fresh air to help you kick off the quarantine dust.

Of course, getting active is a key component to wellness, too. Being inside so much doesn’t allow for much exercise so make sure you are getting some activity in every day. Taking a walk outside kills two birds with one stone, but if it’s still too cold in your area, start with an indoor yoga class. If you haven’t been active as of late, we recommend starting things off with a nice, gentle session. As the weather warms, try taking a yoga session outside!

The other major bad habit that indoor living exacerbates is unhealthy eating. Cold weather and uneventful days make fat-loaded comfort food and overly-processed foods very tempting. Part of this is due to the lessened availability of fresh produce. Spring, thankfully, solves that problem. One of the best ways you can make your day-to-day feel more like spring is to eat some deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables. Add some Asparagus, arugula and strawberries to your next grocery delivery (or socially distanced grocery run).

By expanding our spring cleaning and blowing off negative indoor habits, we can maximize those fresh feelings of spring. Don’t forget to embrace the newness of the season by trying things you haven’t before, may that be expanding on hobbies, learning a new skill, or even cooking new recipes! Trying out something new is an amazing way to feel like a whole new you. Embrace spring wellness this year to kick those quarantine blues to the curb! But remember to give yourself grace. This season is new to all of us and we all need to take things at our own pace.