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5 Post-Travel Tips to Help Cure Vacation Hangover

Unless you’ve had some kind of vacation disaster, the worst part about vacation is always getting back to real life when it’s over. Traveling and exploring for several days can leave you feeling tired, worn down, and like you need a vacation from your vacation. Even if your vacay is of the sit-by-the-pool variety, all of that sun and getting there and back again can lead to exhaustion and a general aversion to returning to the real world. We’ve put together our 5 favorite tips for winding down from vacation and getting back into the swing of life.

  1. Don’t Rush Back: It may be tempting to use every bit of time off you have for the actual trip but catching a flight back home late on the evening before you go back to work probably isn’t the best idea. Your mind and body need time to reset so give yourself enough time to unpack, take a nap, and spend some time tidying up your space before you go back to work. It can be great to have one day to be home and get settled.
  2. Eat a Healthy Meal: If you’re anything like me, your favorite part of going to a new city is trying all of the food. Unfortunately that means travel consists of eating delicious but maybe not-so-nutritious meals which can really throw your body off. Take the time to home cook a yummy but healthy meal for yourself, one packed with protein and veggies, to try to give yourself any nutrients you missed out on while traveling.
  3. Take Care of your Body: Beyond getting some healthy food, your body is going to be in need of hydration, rest, and healing. Traveling can wreak more havoc on us than we even know. So drink lots of water. Also help your body to restore natural processes by keeping up with a regimen of Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen. Collagen is the major protein in the body and your body uses it for basically every healthy process so giving it a little extra will help you rebound faster. It will also help your hair and skin which always suffer a little when we travel.
  4. Debrief with a Friend: When you get home from vacation, your mind naturally buzzes over the trip constantly. You had fun experiences and your mind keeps reliving them making it hard to think about anything else. As great as the memories are, it can be helpful to tell someone about the trip when you get home to try to clear your head. Reliving the trip out loud to your favorite sounding board could help you be able to focus better once you get back to work.
  5. Keep Having Fun: It can be easy to get post-vacation blues when you go back to the real world. It feels like the big thing you’ve looked forward to for so long is over and now there’s only boredom ahead but that doesn’t have to be true! Remember to keep having fun in everyday life. Whether you drive an hour away on a Saturday to a local craft fair or try out a new tiki bar on a Friday night, filling your life with little adventures will help the real world post-travel not feel so drab.