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The Rise of the Fanny Pack, On-The-Go Culture, and Beauty Tonic

We all know that the fads of an era are destined to come back around just a few decades later; think of the bouffant hair that came back as the hair poufs of the late 2000s and, thankfully, died out again a few years later. Still, there are some retro fads that we never thought we’d see again but always hoped we would and, thankfully, now is the time for one of them. Millennial fashion and our on-the-go culture is bringing back the bag of our dreams… the bag we thought was gone for good… the fanny pack.

Born in the ‘80s, fanny packs saw their real golden days in the ‘90s when packs in colorful fabrics were a common sighting at malls, state fairs, and during any other every-day activity. The bag was designed to be worn around the waist with the pack resting on your lower back (hence, fanny­ pack), but many people wore them on their hip or with the bag facing front.

After the fall of their popularity, fanny packs became the subject of ridicule and memes due to their appearance. But in today’s younger society, everything ironic is iconic again and so the fanny pack has begun to make a solid reappearance. It’s not just this generation’s sense of humor that brought the fanny pack back, though.

Our culture is more mobile than ever with young people placing unusually high value on travel, exercise, and life experiences and we have the technology to support that lifestyle with smart phones that allow you to do just about anything just about anywhere. So, it makes sense that the fanny pack, a hands-free bag that won’t slip off your shoulder all day, is becoming a common choice again. Why not use the accessory that best supports your lifestyle, especially if it adds a little humor to your day while you’re at it?

With that on-the-go, high-energy lifestyle, it’s important to be able to keep yourself healthy wherever you go and the fanny pack is the perfect place to carry all of your health and beauty essentials. Tonic understands the fanny pack, always-active lifestyle which is why our Beauty Tonic collagen supplement powder comes in single-serving sticks that are easy to slip into your bag so that you can support your hair, nails, and skin without having to carry a clunky container or worry about being home.

Fanny packs may be back but you definitely don’t have to treat your hair, skin, and nails the way you did in the 90s and if you wore fanny packs when they were originally popular, taking good care of your skin is even more important than ever. Our bodies begin to make less collagen around our mid-twenties and that’s when we get wrinkles and fine lines. Beauty Tonic can supplement your body’s collagen and help reverse the formation of wrinkles so that your skin looks as youthful as it did the first time you wore a fanny pack.

Fanny pack… we salute you. Welcome back!