Protect your Hands from Dry Winter Weather with Collagen - Custom Collagen


Protect your Hands from Dry Winter Weather with Collagen


The dryness of winter weather can spell trouble for your skin. We’ve talked before about protecting your face from the negative effects of cold, dry weather but your face is certainly not the only part of you that suffers. Probably the most common area of the body that severely dries out in the winter is our hands. Our bodies pull blood from our extremities to our core when we’re cold which can mean that our hands and feet become more sensitive to low temperatures. Since our hands are the way we interact with the world, it’s important to protect them and keep them moisturized in winter. Protect your hands from painful drying and chapping with collagen and lotion.


Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen is a supplement that provides your body with extra collagen, the most important protein naturally-occurring in the body.  Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin youthful, healthy, and soft by speeding up healing times and promoting moisture retention. During winter when moisture is zapped out of the air, Traditional Tonic can help to keep your hands from chapping painfully. If your hands do chap, Traditional Tonic can also help your body’s natural healing processes so that your hands return to soft and healthy skin much faster.


While collagen works from the inside to help your skin stay moisturized, lotion can help heal some surface dryness. In case your skin becomes more sensitive than normal, it may be best to invest in a fragrance-free lotion that won’t burn if the skin is broken. For severely chapped skin, balm may work better than lotion for intensive moisturizing that stays in place. Applying lotion a few times a day is the best way to keep the surface of your skin protected.