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Perfect Nighttime Routine for Beautiful Skin

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Our skin takes a lot of abuse during the day. From makeup to harsh wind to sweating during a workout, our skin goes through a lot and we expect it to look fresh and beautiful the next morning. And why not? Our skin was made to be lived in! Your skin can absolutely stay fresh and beautiful but it might need a little help after each day of wear and tear. Your nighttime routine has a lot to do with how your skin looks during the day because your body repairs itself it night and that includes your skin. Here’s a night routine to make sure you wake up with happy with your skin.

  1. Remove your makeup: Sometimes in the evening it’s tempting to be lazy about removing makeup but going to bed without truly-clean face can be damaging to your skin. Even if you made a passing attempt at removing your makeup, there could be some left behind and having that makeup on your face overnight clogs pores and can cause acne. In addition, leaving eye makeup on overnight increases the chance of infection or irritation. Taking the time to fully remove makeup with a wipe and then clean your face thoroughly with a non-drying cleanser allows your skin to breathe as you sleep.
  2. Moisturize: Even if you don’t have dry skin, it’s important to moisturize at night. Keeping your face moisturized helps the skin to stay elastic and glowing and can prevent you from waking up quite as puffy or red as you might otherwise. Be careful to pick an oil and fragrance-free moisturizer that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin and be generous! The more moisture you give your skin, the better it will be able to repair itself overnight.
  3. Beauty Tonic: Your body regenerates collagen overnight, keeping your skin firm and elastic. Unfortunately, that process slows down as we age. By our mid-twenties, our bodies have started producing collagen at slower rates, leading to wrinkles and dull skin. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that contains collagen types I and III, the two types your body uses most to keep your skin healthy. By mixing Beauty Tonic into your tea or water before bedtime, you are giving your body a collagen boost that it can use while you sleep to repair your skin so that your face is bright and youthful when you wake.
  4. Get lots of sleep: We already know that your body uses the time that you’re sleeping to repair and rejuvenate your skin so it stands to reason that you need to get plenty of sleep in order for that process to work well. That’s why it’s called beauty sleep, after all! If you get at least seven hours of sleep at night, you’re giving your skin enough time to rest and repair itself. If you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to wake to dull, puffy, and discolored skin which immediately sets a negative mood for the day.
We know life is busy and it’s hard to make enough time for sleep and pampering, but this night time routine isn’t asking that much. Take the extra five minutes to fully clean your face and apply moisturizer, drink your favorite pre-bedtime drink with Beauty Tonic mixed in to give your body enough collagen to repair your skin, and get more sleep than usual and you will be surprised how much better your skin looks and feels than if you don’t follow this nighttime routine. It really is that easy!