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Makeup Tool Showdown: Makeup Sponges vs. Brushes

Most of us started our makeup journey with the same tools for applying foundation: small white disposable sponges or our fingers. As our use of makeup grows, however, so should our tools. Now there are much better tools available for applying foundation and other face products and they come in two major forms: the makeup brush and the beauty sponge. Both tools do the job of applying foundation but which one is better? Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each form.

Makeup Brushes: Brushes have been on the scene longer than the modern makeup sponge and many people continue to prefer them. Some benefits of brushes is that they are easy to clean and, if you wash your brushes often, a good quality brush can last you a very long time. Brushes are versatile, easy to use, and easy to store. Generally, brushes don’t soak up too much of your product and can allow a fuller-coverage look. On the other hand, applying foundation with a brush can leave streaks if you’re not careful. Low-end brushes also lose hairs frequently and don’t last long while lasting brushes can be a bit expensive for the average person.

Beauty Sponges: Sponges are a recent alternative to traditional make up tools and they have some major benefits that keep people reaching for them. While some high-end sponges can be pricey, there are low-cost alternatives that are still very high quality. Sponges apply foundation without leaving streaks or other marks and can create an even, flawless look. Sponges can also be helpful for those with dry complexions because the damp sponge adds a bit of moisture to your face and foundation. However, sponges tend to soak up a bit more product than brushes do which means you’ll use more product. Sponges are also harder to clean and store and need to be replaced more frequently.

When it comes down to it, both brushes and sponges are good makeup tools. Personal preference will determine which tool wins out and you should give them both a shot to see what works best for you. No matter what tool you use, make sure your skin is protected, healthy, and youthful with Beauty Tonic. Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that can help your body fight wrinkles and acne to give you the perfect canvas for your makeup experimentation.