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Keep Fall Frizz under Control with Collagen


Fall can be a strange time for hair; as the seasons change, temperatures and moisture levels fluctuate which can lead to some unfortunate hair situations. The humidity and alternating periods of warmth and cold often cause hair to frizz out or grow dull over the course of day, resulting in bad hair days and unmanageable locks. Not only that, but the scarves and layers we generally wear near our hair in fall can create friction that makes frizz even worse. No one likes to deal with frizz but a little extra hair care and some Beauty Tonic collagen might be all you need to avoid it.

There’s a bunch of complicated science that goes into this but the basic fact is that hair tends to be more susceptible to frizz when it is under-moisturized. This means that moisture is the key to combating fall frizz. Taking the extra time to condition your hair can be a huge step toward managing frizz, of course, but that conditioner would be more effective with the help of collagen.

Beauty Tonic is a collagen supplement that aids your body in supporting naturally beautiful hair. Giving your hair access to extra collagen can allow it to grow faster and stronger while also helping your locks to hold on to moisture more effectively. Without Beauty Tonic, your hair could revert back to dry and frizz-prone only a few hours after a conditioning treatment but collagen helps that moisture last much longer.

On a consistent regimen of Beauty Tonic, you could find that your hair is shiny, strong, and sleek. Hair that healthy can stand up against fall’s odd weather with ease. Make sure your hair is ready for any fall occasion and any outfit by prepping it with Beauty Tonic.