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Improving a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Today's Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and wish you could just lie back down and snooze for a few more hours? Sometimes? Everyday? Well you’re not alone. As the world has evolved more people are finding that they are sedentary for most of their day, and this can lead to many issues! If you work at a desk or you are prone to sitting for a long period of time there are several side effects that can affect your everyday life. Lack of restful sleep, low mood, fatigue, or sluggishness can all be influenced by lack of movement. By moving around for a few minutes every hour, you will improve circulation and stimulation within your body. But if you cannot move around due to an injury, are limited within the office, or need an extra boost you can take collagen!

Collagen to Improve Sendentary Lifestyle

Collagen products, such as our Traditional Tonic, can help improve sleep quality, digestion, and brain function when taken consistently. It can aid with inflammation and joint function to heal your body from within. By adding collagen to your diet, you can build a solid foundation for your daily life. Waking up with extra energy will allow you to maintain your body throughout the day and not hit a slump. Traditional Tonic is a go-to product for anyone. Injured, sedentary, or even for those who are active. With good or poor health, young or old, collagen can help anyone maintain and supplement their natural health. It is made from sustainably sourced, pasture raised bovine bone collagen peptides. Other great benefits of Traditional Tonic are improving gut health, building strong hair and nails, skin elasticity, and muscle support. It is highly soluble so we recommend taking it with your favorite beverages, or soups every day.