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High Intensity Interval Training: The Hottest Workout of 2018


High Intensity Interval Training is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise. HIIT is often done in group sessions and consists of exactly what it sounds like: short periods of intense activity separated by short periods of rest. HIIT workouts are also unique because they are generally much shorter than the average workout; instead of spending an hour on a bike, you can complete a HIIT workout in only 15 minutes. In a culture that values saving as much time as possible, it’s no wonder that the popularity of HIIT is skyrocketing.

On top of the condensed timeframe, there are a lot of other reasons why HIIT is becoming so popular but most of them have to do with the purported benefits.  In June, Certified which is a magazine sponsored by ACE, a national nonprofit focused on exercise, reported on research that showed HIIT produces the same or better results as regular exercise… except in about half the time. People who participated in HIIT workouts for six weeks not only saw the same weight loss as people who were doing other forms of resistance training but also saw improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol that other people did not achieve. They also saw these results weeks earlier than their peers.

Considering the fact that seeing results is one of the keys to feeling motivated to continue a fitness routine, being able to see results faster is a huge win for HIIT. Because it is becoming so popular, most gyms have begun offering group HIIT classes that cycle you through a fast, whole-body workout with your friends or exercise buddies, another major motivation to keep exercising. With the reduced time commitment it requires, the results it produces, and the availability of this exercise format, HIIT might just be the best thing to happen to fitness in a long time. Just remember not to push yourself too hard too fast when you’re starting out and, as always, stay hydrated!