Hassle-Free Makeup Sponge Cleaning - Custom Collagen


Hassle-Free Makeup Sponge Cleaning


Reusable makeup sponges are a god-send when it comes to applying foundation, concealer, and other cream beauty products. These easy-to-use tools help you achieve a flawless, streak-free look every time. But, unlike most brushes, beauty sponges soak up a fair amount of your beauty products and, unfortunately, dampening the sponge every day and allowing it to air-dry could lead to some mildew issues. Plus, washing them with soap and water alone won’t get your sponges clean. But we still love our beauty sponges and cleaning them well doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here’s a hassle-free, at home method for getting your sponges clean and getting back to flawless makeup.

While there are some store-bought sponge cleaners that work well, they can be pricey and you’ll have to re-purchase often. Luckily, there’s an easy substitute you can mix up at home and you probably already have what you need. For an effective sponge cleaner you’ll need two things: dish soap and… olive oil. Okay, I know this sounds strange, but the reason regular soap doesn’t get makeup out of sponges is because it doesn’t break down the makeup. Oil, on the other hand, easily breaks down makeup and removes it from your sponge. But then you’ve got oil in your sponge, right? That’s where the dish soap comes in. The dish soap removes bacteria and stops the oil from hanging around in your sponge.

To clean your sponge simply mix a capful of oil with a tablespoon of dish soap in a bowl (you can substitute vegetable or coconut oil if you like but make sure it is 100% combined with the soap). Roll your sponge around in the mixture and then squeeze it (and the makeup buildup) out under a warm faucet. If there is still a little makeup left, feel free to repeat the process. Then prop your sponge up so that it can fully dry. That’s it! Your makeup sponge is clean and flawless.

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