Fun Spring Hairstyles - Custom Collagen


Fun Spring Hairstyles


The fashion runways, aside from showing off jaw-dropping fashion, always showcase lots of fun hair styles that set the stage for the hair trends of each season. This spring, the runway was filled with fascinating hair and, while some styles are unobtainable, some inspired spring trends that are both wearable and fresh.

Of course, to be able to try these funky styles, you need your hair to be healthy and strong so it’s important that you start spring off right with a Beauty Tonic collagen regimen. Beauty Tonic provides your body with the collagen it needs to help your hair grow long, beautiful, and strong so that you can rock these spring hairstyle trends. Let’s get to our favorite spring hair trends!

  • Funky Ponies: Lots of designers paired their fashion looks with pony tails this spring but these aren’t your average, simple ponies. Every pony on the runway either had accessories added or new styling techniques that brought the look to a new level. Try amping up your pony tail with a second elastic a few inches down from the first or by adding a retro scrunchy (yes, they’re coming back!). Another fashionable option is to braid your hair above the pony tail and then braid a few strands of the pony for a funky look.
  • Brushed-Out Curls: This spring, curls are all about volume. Rather than relaxed waves or glamorous ringlets, the runways featured big, brushed out curls that embraced the volume and were clearly not trying for perfection. Try curling your hair with a 1-inch curling iron and then brushing them out to get a super voluminous, roughed-up look that pairs well with simple makeup and basically any fashion look.
  • Glam Accessories: The runway featured lots of hair accessories this year from colorful scrunchies to floral headpieces to bejeweled hairlines and we love them all. For a wearable runway look, pick up a few decked-out barrettes (we saw lots of pearls and high-shine metals) you can use to add some shine and style to your hair when you’re wearing it pin-straight this spring. You can even pair this trend with our Funky Pony trend for an even more high-fashion look.