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Fun Non-Gym Exercise Activities for Summer

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Winter is the season of indoor workout routines and a lack of sunshine. But winter is over and that means it’s time to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and take our exercise outside. But you don’t have to just transplant the same routines you’ve been doing inside to your yard. Here is our list of favorite summer activities that will help you get in your exercise while exploring, trying new things, and taking full advantage of the season.

Walk or Hike Amongst Nature: Celebrate nature this season by walking around your nearest botanical garden or nature preserve. For some light exercise and a chance to see gorgeous blooms, choose a day at the botanical gardens. If you’re up for something a little more rugged, head to a nature preserve or nearby state park for some great hiking amongst the trees. With so much to look at, it won’t feel like you’re working out but you will definitely get your steps in!

Find a Fun Run: Summer is the season of 5ks and marathons but check out events in your area because it’s likely that there’s a fun run or unique 5k happening close by! From mud runs and color runs to obstacle courses, there are lots of ways to get some running in while also having a blast. Take a friend to make the experience even more fun and don’t be intimidated; most of these runs welcome walking and jogging.

Play Beach Volleyball: If you live near the water or even have a park nearby with a sand pit, you could probably find a sand volleyball league in need of players. Sand volleyball is athletically demanding but it is also tons of fun. If you’re not one for reaching out to strangers, find some friends and a volleyball and make your own game! You will get plenty of exercise while laughing with your friends.

Dust off Your Bike: Warm days are a great time to get out on two wheels. Arguably more fun than walking or running, biking is a fun way to explore your town. If you have bike trails nearby that’s even better but, if not, take your bike out for a quick ride to a coffee shop or just around the block. You can go faster and farther than on your own two legs so there are lots of options available to you!

Remember to take water with you on any of your activities! And make sure you have the protein and collagen your body needs with Gym & Tonic which will fuel your summer fun.