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Five Foods You Might be Storing Wrong


Food storage is a complicated business; from the fridge, to pantry or countertop, sometimes it’s hard to know where the best place is to keep your grocery-store hauls. While it might seem like a good idea to keep all fruits and vegetables in the fridge but there are some definite exceptions to that rule. In fact, there are several foods that you might be storing in the wrong place. To keep your foods fresh and tasty as long as possible, follow these tips for where to store some important items.

Apples: Some people keep apples on their countertop and, while it’s true that they stay fresh for a day or two on the counter, you should definitely be keeping them in the fridge. Store apples in your fridge drawer in a plastic bag to keep them crisp rather than mushy. They will also stay fresh a few more days that way.

Spices: It might seem like a good idea to keep spices above the stove so they’re within easy reach when you’re cooking but heat and moisture are terrible for spices. The warmth and steam from the stove can degrade the spice’s oils, totally ruining the flavor in a short time. Keep spices in a drawer to preserve them for longer use.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are one exception to keeping fruits and veggies in the fridge. The fridge can make tomatoes get a grainy, mealy texture and can make them lose some of their flavor. They might go bad a little faster on the counter but it will allow them to continue ripening, gaining even more flavor.

Eggs and Dairy: Obviously eggs and dairy products should be kept in the fridge but the placement of these items in the fridge is important, too. People often put milk and eggs in the fridge door and some fridges are even designed with slots just for this. The problem is that the door is the warmest part of the fridge so keeping eggs and dairy there means they get inconsistent temperatures and won’t keep as long. Keep them on the top shelf for more stable temperatures.

Butter: Where to keep butter has become a popular debate lately. Because butter is most useful and spreadable when it’s softened, people argue that it should be left on the counter. Unfortunately, leaving butter out means that it is going to gather some unhealthy bacteria. To be safe, keep your butter in the fridge and take it out twenty minutes before you use it to let it soften.