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Crushing 3 Major Workout Myths

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Exercise is one of those things in life that everyone knows they need but very few people actually know how to do it right. Each person needs different types and amount of exercise, though there are some basic guidelines, and that can make it almost impossible to know where to start or how to craft a successful fitness plan. Not helping the matter is the fact that all of this confusion has caused some key myths to develop. Some of the basic things we believe about exercise might not be true at all and those myths could be standing in the way between us and our fitness goals.

Myth - Only cardio is required to lose weight: When it comes to exercising for the purpose to shedding pounds, people tend to get hung up on cardio. While cardio is great for losing weight because it burns calories and builds endurance, a successful exercise routine never contains purely cardio-based workouts. If you only stick with cardio, your muscles may suffer and you have less control over targeting your “problem areas.” Remember to mix in some weight machines to target and tone particular muscle groups. You don’t have to want to bulk up to lift weights.

Myth- warm-up and cool-down stretches are optional: Doing some light stretching and walking to warm up and cool down from an exercise can be annoying. It takes up time and keeps you from jumping right into your workout and from your workout into the next thing in your day. Still, warming up and cooling down should never be optional. Your muscles are tighter and less malleable when you are not doing physical activity which means that going straight from rest into a strenuous workout routine can spell disaster. Skipping a warm up can lead to pulled muscles or worse injuries. At the end of your routine, your body also needs time to adjust to being at rest again. When you stop exercising without a cool down, blood can pool in your leg muscles and it can lead to dizziness or fainting. On top of that, lactic acid builds up in your muscles which can lead to a longer and much more painful recovery time between workout sessions.

Myth- Casual exercisers don’t need supplements: When a casual exerciser thinks of workout supplements they immediately think of high-powered protein supplements that are only used by body builders. The truth is, though, that everyone can benefit from some extra protein and support when working out and you don’t need a super intense supplement to get those benefits. Gym & Tonic is a natural protein and collagen supplement that helps your body make the most of exercise and doesn’t come with any negative side effects or drug interactions. The protein and amino acids in our collagen powder is exactly what your body needs to feed your muscles so that they don’t wear away as you lose weight, something that can happen when your body draws protein it needs for the workout from your muscles. With Gym & Tonic you could see better results and faster than if you go it alone.