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Collagen and Fall Nail Trends You Will Love


The dawn of a new season calls for new nails! The electric hues of summer seem a little mismatched with fall’s moodier, cooler vibe. What better way to enjoy witching season than with long, strong, and trendy nails? Make sure you have nails befitting the season with Beauty Tonic, a collagen supplement specifically targeted at strengthening your hair, skin, and nails. With Beauty Tonic, your nails have enough support to grow faster and longer to give you a better canvas for this fall’s hottest trends. We’re running down the best this nail-fashion season has to offer for colors and styles.

Dark Jewel Tones: From eggplant to emerald, fall 2018 is all about super grungy jewel tones. We’re talking so-dark-they’re-almost-black versions of your favorite fall colors. Because these colors are so dark, they’re almost neutral so they go with just about any outfit! Swipe some super dark blue or burgundy polish onto your nails and you’ll feel truly in-tune with fall’s spooky vibes.

Gray Polish: Continuing the grungy theme, gray is back in fashion this fall. There are shades of gray to match any skin tone and there are enough variations that gray doesn’t have to be boring. Calling up memories of foggy fall mornings, a blue-gray nail can be ultra-fresh when paired with gold or silver jewelry and looks great with all of fall’s best fashion colors from maroon to mustard yellow.

Glam French Tips: Variations on this trend have been going in and out of style for a few years now but we’re not sick of it yet! Once you master the steady hand this style requires, painting your tips in a color other than white can be chic and modern. For fall 2018, we’re seeing lots of glitter or metallic French tips paired either with otherwise-nude nails or nails painted in one of the trendiest fall colors. Try this style by painting your nails a deep blue-gray and then tipping them in metallic gold.

Accent Nail Art: While the accent nail is nothing new, this fall we’re seeing pointer fingers accented as opposed to ring fingers. Accent nails are also a little more subtle this fall, favoring keeping all nails the same color but then accenting with the addition of metallic graphics, glitter, or even small jewels. Try adding a stripe of glitter down the center of your pointer-finger nails for a modern, funky vibe; you don’t have to get too fancy if you’re not a nail-art aficionado.

When you’re stuck with short, brittle nails, new nail styles can be daunting or even a little depressing; it’s hard to achieve the trendiest nails when you don’t have much of a canvas to work with. Luckily, this fall, Beauty Tonic has you covered. Start a Beauty Tonic regimen and see how much happier you’ll be with your nails. With Beauty Tonic and these fall trends, you’ll have nails any witch would be proud of.